Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you can find the answer to any questions that you may have on 12in12 below. But if you are struggling, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the 12in12 team.


We have now extended to include virtual runs. That means you no longer have to run at organised events. Runs recorded on the likes of Strava, Garmin Connect, MayMyRun, etc. now count! Please check that your profile is set to public, so we can access. This is so that the admin team at 12in12.run can easily verify your achievement once you’ve submitted your results. I

If you do want to include some organised runs to help you along your journey take a look at our Pinterest boards for inspiration  – you’ll be surprised at just how many events are on your doorstep!

On a side note,  for those extra keen marathon runners a word of warning, if you are working towards The 100 Marathon Club, virtual runs do not count. Please check their website for further details.

Whilst the idea behind running 12 marathons in 12 months is based on running one event per month, we know that life has a habit of getting in the way. As long as you run 12 marathons within the duration you’ve set (12 marathons in 12 months), then it’s perfectly acceptable to us if 2 happen to be in one month.

But wait! It’s not all about the marathons, 12in12 is inclusive we have 5k medals too. For new runners why not aim for 12 5ks in 12 months, if you’re building up to your first 5k it’s a great way to keep up your momentum, particularly if you’re catching the run bug.

We have a really simple process, we just want you to have considered your current running ability; what’s a sensible challenge for you?

  1. If you’re ready, head over to the shop to purchase your medal
  2. Please do double and triple check the email address you provide at point of purchase, as we’ll use this to contact you
  3. Check your junk and spam box for your email, please add us to your contacts so we fly into your inbox instead in future
  4. We’ll ask for some more details post purchase so we can get to know you more
  5. This is the start of your journey, we’re ready and so are you!

If you’ve already completed your runs, we’ll follow-up with your unique evidence link.


Once you’ve purchased your medal, we’ll be in touch on email with your unique link to be able to submit your evidence. All you need to do is add in the date, event name, finish date, run evidence web addresses or image upload. We’ll run through our verification process. Your medal will then be on its way to you shortly afterwards.

Absolutely, as long as the runs you’ve got the evidence available they’ll count. Evidence can be in many forms, as we want to be all inclusive; Strava links, Garmin links, photos of running watches, screen grabs of Fitbit apps… you get the gist! Contact us if you’re unsure.

Congratulations on taking on your 12in12 challenge. We can’t wait to support you on the rest of your journey. Simply purchase your medal, verify your email address, and we look forward to receiving your list of events.

Congratulations on completing your 12 marathons! We hope it inspired you to continue. By all means you are more than entitled to your medal. Simply complete the form, set the dates for when you completed your marathons and add comment. Once we receive your form and payment we’ll be in touch.

First and foremost, when you complete your running streak and we’ve verified your results, we’ll send you your amazing medal; the all important running bling! But along your journey, there’s a wealth of expertise within the running community that will support you along the way. If you’ve not found us already, we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. So if you’re ever in doubt or in need of pick me up, simply reach out to us and the advice will come flooding in.

12in12 is often the term used when runners talk about completing 12 marathons in 12 months.

At 12in12.run we want to recognise and reward this achievement by way of a fantastic medal whilst catering for a variety of abilities too. By extending this across a wider range of distances, we encourage every to take up their own individual personal 12in12 challenge, and one that doesn’t rely on participation in physical events.